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$10,000 Youth Grant Opportunity (YEF)

Dear San Francisco School Faculty and Community Members,

We are once again reaching out to promote a grant opportunity for your students to get up to $10,000 from the YMCA Youth Empowerment Fund. It would be great if you could share this opportunity with your students and colleagues! For ease, you can copy and paste the information below. 


The YMCA's Youth Empowerment Fund awards over $100,000 annually in mini-grants supporting projects initiated and led by youth citywide. Young people in San Francisco can apply for funding up to $10,000, three times a year, to fund their unique ideas and vision addressing important community issues and more. We are currently accepting applicants for our Spring Grant Cycle for up to $10,000. Do you have a project that could benefit from a YEF grant? Applications are due February 2nd!

Ask any questions by contacting the Youth Empowerment Fund!

IG: @yef_sf (best updates here) 

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