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2-Week Debate Camp - Middle & High Schoolers

We are in strange times and this summer will be no different, especially for students who usually attend camp, summer school, hold internships and hang with friends. But my org, The Practice Space, will still aim to provide a fun, engaging and educational 2-week Debate Camp for middle and high schoolers. I guess the one benefit of online is it won't be limited geographically. :)

If you know a middle or high school student looking for an activity this summer, spots are open for our online debate camp! Students will learn to speak on the spot, discussing philosophy, global issues, and even silly topics. Students will work in teams, study independently, and receive personal coaching by the coach of the 2019 State Champions in Debate! Registration our website. Scholarships available! 

Please let me know if you think of someone and I'd really appreciate you forwarding to your networks of educators, parents, youth, etc. 

Thanks so much!


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