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2022 TeenTechSF Global Youth Summit

Saturday, December 10, 9:00 am-12:00 pm

“Innovation: Forging Our Future”

Location: to be announced!

All are welcome to an action-packed morning connecting teens with tech leaders across the Bay Area and around the world. Meet people from diverse communities and listen to live speakers, panels on global tech trends and practical advice on STEM academic and professional careers.

Keynote address from Adam Cheyer, Siri Creator, Founder, Samsung Mobile Research & Development VP and more recently Advisor and in live discussion with Shan Ren, Creative Technology trailblazer & Women’s Empowerment Leader at Google.

We will also be hearing messages from people all around the world including: Donna Hilliard from Code Tenderloin, Eden Yates from Cling Systems, Skyler Chan from Sonder, Grimaldy Gunawan from, Claire Wang from Angel Hacks, and Albert Hu from SuperTech and MIT.

Partnering with Hour of Code, we are offering free hands-on STEM workshops including machine learning, public speaking, linkedin profile, and Arduino. No prior coding experience is necessary!

Like all TeenTechSF activities, this event is free, but advance registration is required. Space is limited, so sign up now: 2022 TeenTechSF Global Youth Summit

We're only able to accommodate 150 students on site -- so be sure to register now! We'll be accommodating parents and mentors on a space-available basis.

TeenTechSF is run by and for teens – Find out more about Who We Are and What We Do at and fill out if you’d like to join the TeenTechSF student leadership team!

We hope to see your community there!

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