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4th Annual Feeding 5000 Families

Livable City is helping to recruit volunteers for the 4th Annual Feeding 5000 Families, a holiday meal distribution event, on Saturday, December 16th, from 8 AM to 4 PM. If you're interested in learning more about the roles and signing up, please click here.

Feeding 5000 Families volunteer roles & shift times:

  • Set-up volunteers (6am - 10am): This role will assist leads to set-up the staging areas and lanes. Volunteers will move pallets from the lanes and discard cardboard, plastic wrap, etc. from the area as needed.

  • Load volunteers (various shift times; greatest need for support): This role will follow the instruction of the Lane Captain. Volunteers will work in partnership with other team members to lift and load boxes (up to 25lbs.) into vehicles.

  • Support volunteers (8am - 3pm): This role will help with a variety of support-related tasks including helping to advance vehicles into respective lanes, escort media members to designated areas, ensuring staging/holding area is not congested, ensuring the "refresh stations" are managed, and/or serving as the communication links when needed. These roles are appropriate for minors, seniors, and individuals with limited mobility.

  • Clean-up volunteers (12pm - 5pm): This role will ensure all debris is removed from the property and properly discarded. The Clean-Up team will ensure all pallets are stacked and dumpsters/debris cans are secured. This role will also pick up the refresher stations, stack traffic cones, remove signage, break down tents, barricades, sand bags, etc.

Feeding 5000 Families volunteer perks:

  • Snacks and a to-go meal (vegetarian and vegan options available)

  • Pride in having launched the 4th Annual Feeding 5000 families and knowing you are making a difference!

Upon submitting this form, your e-mail address will also be added to our newsletter for upcoming Livable City volunteer opportunities. You may unsubscribe from these emails at any time. Your information will not be shared. If you have general questions please contact If you would like to coordinate volunteering with a group, please contact

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