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Action Alert: Get The Gas Out of Half Moon Bay

Updated: Nov 9, 2021

How YOU Can Help Support a Phase Out of Methane Gas use in our homes

What: The City of Half Moon Bay is considering a first-of-its-kind Gas Phase Out Ordinance (“Building Electrification”).

When: November 16th 2021, 7pm

Where: City Council Meetings are on Zoom; the agenda will be posted here a few days ahead of the meeting.

Why: The gas (methane) commonly used to heat our homes and cook with is deeply polluting and damaging to our climate. The gas has got to go! Half Moon Bay has the authority to require clean, pollution free heaters and appliances – whether for new construction or permitted replacements in existing homes. If we want a livable climate, we’ve got to phase out fossil fuel use, including methane gas used in homes. This “Building Electrification” ordinance will make Half Moon Bay cleaner, healthier and more resilient. And it sets a great example for other communities to follow.

Calling All Green Leaders To Be the Voice of Change – Please write HMB or show up for Live Comments on 11/16!

Thanks again for sharing this with your students and please ping me with any questions about it.

- Diane Bailey

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