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AI Camp - Summer Camp 2023

We are AI Camp! Founded by Stanford Ph.D.s, we provide quality AI education, opening doors into the tech industry and providing scholarships to top students! We want to offer your students priority access to our 2023 Summer Scholarship application!!

In 2022, we taught over 1000 students who developed hundreds of awesome AI projects! Some of these include:

  • Video games like Temple Run, Super Mario, and Stardew Valley!

  • Software to detect plant species, heart disease, and food allergies!

  • AI Bots that can be your friend, tell you jokes, or write your emails!

Check out some of the highlights from our recent Winter Camp here!!

Our spots for our Summer 2023 Camp are filling up fast! We want to offer Lick-Wilmerding High School students priority access to our early decision scholarship to secure their place for Summer 2023! Students can apply now till 02.19.23 to receive a decision by March! You can find the application here or you can feel free to share our flyer so they don't miss out!

Have a great week ahead and we look forward to seeing your students’ scholarship applications!



Michael Ke Zhang (Linkedin Profile)

Co-founder and Chief Instructor at AI Camp

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