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AMIGOS Community Impact - Volunteer Now!

This summer AMIGOS had 144 students from nine countries participate in our online Community Impact Project. They talked, danced, cooked, ate, practiced Spanish, created service projects, and connected meaningfully to each other and to their communities. Students were challenged to question their assumptions about the world and to create positive change close to home. And AMIGOS is doing it again now for this fall!

What does the Community Impact Project experience actually look like? Check out the links below.

· CIP Summer Video (new 3 min version!)

· Step inside the Pitch Panel Forum and see samples of CIP Service Projects

“Going into the CIP, I thought it would be merely about working and getting my program set up. However, once the program was kicked off, I realized how close everyone would get to each other. We can laugh, joke around, and even cry sometimes--and we will still not be judged. This program has brought me so much joy and I'm so proud to have been a part of it...I would describe the CIP experience as fun, supportive, and completely nonjudgemental. I want to thank everyone who was a part of this for bringing me in and including me in everything. I'm gonna miss it ;(“   From Ava C, age 17 - San Diego, CA

This program goes from Oct 20th -Dec 19th and is four hours a week with optional Spanish Language Café options. It is open to all high school students -  freshman thru seniors  - who are excited to join, have an interest in Spanish and a curiosity about Latin America. And students can receive 20 plus service hours for participating.  Placements for our 8 week fall program are limited and the deadline is Oct 5th so visit our website to learn more or sign up for our online info sessions open every Sunday at 4 PM and every Wednesday at 3 PM PST. To sign up, visit here.

Questions? Contact Krista at or schedule a call using this link.

Please Note: AMIGOS has generous financial assistance for families. Apply by Sept 24th

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