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Annual Essay Competition for High School Students

My name is Anahita Kodali. I am a student Dartmouth College and the president of the Dartmouth Undergraduate Journal of Science, a Nature recognized undergraduate science journal. Last year, I, along with a team of other DUJS students, launched Building the Modern MD, an annual essay competition for high school students of any year. Our aim with BtMMD is to have budding clinicians, scientists, and writers explore the connections between medicine and the humanities. Students can select any topic they choose in one of 8 categories, ranging from economics to gender studies to philosophy (more information can be found at this PDF).

The competition is now open for submissions from students in any grade 9-12; abstracts are due May 27th, and final papers are due June 3rd. Winners will be selected from each category; they will receive a certificate and have their articles published in the Dartmouth Undergraduate Journal of Science (The whole journal can be viewed here).


Anahita Kodali

President of the Dartmouth Undergraduate Journal of Science

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