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Apply to Fall Live Online AI Program by Stanford PhD students

Inspirit AI Live Online is a program for high school students to learn cutting-edge AI concepts online and apply their skills to a socially relevant project in a domain of their interest such as such as healthcare/bioinformatics, transportation and mobility, media, criminal justice, and more! It is taught online on live video calls by our team of Stanford and MIT graduate students in small groups (student-teacher ratio is 4:1).

This summer, we have had over 600 students join the program from around the world. Collaborating with peers and instructors online, they have worked on AI for Social Good projects related to topics like using genomics data to model COVID-19, assessing algorithmic bias in the criminal justice system, detecting fake news, and detecting objects for self-driving cars.

The fall program is now open for applications here. I’ve linked our brochure and flyer. The fall weekend program starts September 18 (meeting once per week for 10 weeks). The program fee is $900. The application deadline is August 20, 2020 and applications will be evaluated on a rolling basis.

Inspirit AI Team

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