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Arab American Studies Is Ethnic Studies! Jewish Educators Say YES! to Liberatory Ethnic Studies

Webinar: Thursday, February 25, 5pm PT / 8pm ET

Thank you for supporting our campaign for a liberatory Ethnic Studies curriculum in California! We appreciate everyone who joined us for our last webinar,The Fight for Ethnic Studies in CA: With Special Guest Angela Davis. Below you can view a clip of our webinar and hear from Angela Davis herself on why it is important to fight back against the anti-Palestinian and rightwing attacks on Ethnic Studies.

We would like to invite you to the upcoming webinar hosted by member organizations of the Save Arab American Studies Coalition.

Arab American Studies Is Ethnic Studies!

Jewish Educators Say YES to Liberatory Ethnic Studies

Thursday, February 25, 5pm PT / 8pm ET

Ethnic Studies is under attack. Anti-racist, and liberatory Ethnic Studies is being attacked for being too critical of United States history, too centered on the stories of the most marginalized communities, and not patriotic enough. Join a webinar to hear from Jewish educators who support an authentic Ethnic Studies curriculum that faces the true history of the US and explores the connections between US policies abroad and the racialization and marginalization of people of color here in the United States. Bowing to pressure from pro-Israel and other rightwing interest groups, the CA Department of Education is about to approve a watered-down, “all lives matter” Ethnic Studies Model Curriculum that marginalizes Arab American Studies and erases Palestine. How did we get to this point? Presenters will address:

  • Why Arab American studies, including Palestine, is central to Ethnic Studies.

  • The difference between antisemitism and criticism of Israel, and why it matters.

  • Why all students will benefit from a liberatory ethnic studies curriculum that promotes solidarity, and collective liberation.

  • How teachers can prepare for and deal with backlash for teaching authentic Ethnic Studies.


  • A special guest appearance by Josh Healey, spoken word artist and comedian

  • Ethnic Studies Instructor, Margot Goldstein

  • Arab Jewish World History Teacher and Arab Resource & Organizing Center member, Yahya Cadji

  • African American Studies Professor, Alex Lubin

...and others

Moderated by Jody Sokolower of the Middle East Children’s Alliance’s Teach Palestine Project and Save Arab American Studies Coalition.

Join the Facebook event page for updates. Click here to take action.

“If we can find the courage to tell our children the truth, they can begin to solve some of the world’s most intractable problems.” —Jeff Duncan-Andrade, Professor of Latina/o Studies and Race and Resistance Studies at San Francisco State University

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