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Biking Volunteer Opportunity [4/25]

Updated: Apr 21, 2022

Join the Wed 4/25 Noe to LWHS Bike Bus and get PPP hours!!

Meet at 8am at 23rd St and Sanchez in Noe Valley. We will slowly ride south via Slow Sanchez and Slow Hearst arriving at LWHS by 8:50am. Everyone, students, faculty and parents welcome. This is a slow, casual, safety in numbers, fun ride with music. Check out this video (with music) of the Page slow street bike bus including elementary school kids. This is a bike ride with a public purpose. It builds support for safe routes for biking to school.

And if you want to join us but aren't able to bike home, you can rent a Lyft/Baywheels bike with the Lyft app at one of the three bikeshare stations a few blocks from 23rd and Sanchez (Bring your own helmet) and then park/return the bike near LWHS at the Balboa BART Lyft bike station so you don't need to ride home.

You can join us even if you don't live nearby. Find a way to get to one of the Lyft bikeshare stations near 23rd and Noe, get dropped off there, grab a bike with the Lyft app, meet us at 8am at 23rd and Sanchez and then ride with us to LWHS. And if you live along the route feel free to "hop on the bus" as we ride by on Slow Sanchez or Slow Hearst. What is a bike bus? Check out this article.

And finally if you sign up here pledging to ride on 4/25 you will get entered in a raffle for a Sportsbasement gift card. It's ok that our ride is the week after bike/roll week, you still qualify for the raffle. Any questions about the bike bus contact LWHS parent, Peter Belden 650-387-2218. RSVP to Peter if you can just to give us a rough head count. Thanks!

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