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BIPOC Leaders in Academia: Tyrone Hayes

The inextricable links between Academia and institutionalized racism make it imperative that students amplify the voices of BIPOC leaders in Academia. PAHC invites BIPOC leaders to speak about social or political issues and their effects on one's ability to work in Academia, as well as how such issues may have affected them personally.

➡️ The first speaker for BIPOC Leaders in Academia is UC Berkeley Integrative Biology Professor & internationally-renowned scientist Tyrone Hayes. Recognized for their research on steroid hormones in amphibian development, metamorphosis, sexual differentiation, Dr. Hayes has made significant contributions to science and society at large. Tyrone's most notorious discovery has been their research on the popular herbicide Atrazine as an endocrine disruptor. But with the success and achievements that Tyrone has received, there has also been limitations and tribulations. Dr. Hayes has encountered micro-aggressions and racism in different Academia settings, all of which have affected them personally and/or impacted their liberties in the Scientific Field.

📢 Tyrone Hayes will be speaking about their life, their work, and their experiences in Academia settings in order to facilitate a necessary discussion about diversity in Science. Hayes will delve into how racism and other political issues in the structural and institutional levels can affect one's ability to pursue science.

👤 👤 👤Meeting ID: 938 6269 1169 [Passcode: 052819]

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Each month, PAHC is hosting a workshop that features one of many leaders from Cal or beyond. We invite everyone for an insightful day of listening and supporting our BIPOC leaderships.

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