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Black and Brown Students Interested in Architecture? studioWRNS

studioWRNS is an educational program with a focus of attracting Black and Brown students to the field of architecture through collaboration with local school districts and community centers. The program includes after school courses for high school students, workshops for middle school students, and a lecture series called Facets of Architecture. The program creates a framework that brings new awareness and exposure to architecture for free—supplementing their current education. studioWRNS seeks to build a new community of students and professionals who will help to increase representation and cultural diversity in the field of architecture.

studioWRNS is led by a diverse group of architects and design professionals—all of who work at WRNS Studio outside of the program. We bring unique perspectives and insights about building careers in architecture and design. Leveraging our academic and professional experiences, we help students navigate the academic pipeline that feeds into the profession.

During our courses, workshops, and lecture series, we engage with each student individually, fostering curiosity, igniting interest, and cultivating the ability to think critically about the built environment. Through design projects, building tours, and focused workshops, we help increase awareness about the impacts of the built environment, inspiring new ideas and creativity. We challenge students to identify how design promotes inclusivity and accessibility—how it impacts the ways in which we experience, observe, learn, work, play and take part in community—inspiring them to advocate for design that advances equity, inclusion, wellness, and social, cultural, and environmental stewardship.

Our goal is for Black and Brown students who have participated at any capacity within our program to leave excited about a future in architecture, emboldened with an understanding of the positive impacts they might have on our communities.

For more information on studioWRNS or how to participate in one of our courses, workshops or lecture series, contact us at: or 510.775.1775.

Follow us on Instagram and Facebook (@studioWRNS) for a closer look at our activities.

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