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BlueStamp Engineering - Apply!

Updated: Apr 6, 2020

What is BlueStamp Engineering? BlueStamp Engineering is a six-week, hands-on summer program where high school students build technology projects they’re passionate about. Each student selects their own projects and completes the program with 2 projects (which they keep). They also develop their own personal online portfolio that details their journey with videos, technical descriptions of their work, milestones, and blog postings. This personal portfolio can then be shared with colleges and prospective employers. Apply Here  What projects do BlueStamp students build? In past summers, students created omnidirectional robots, infinity mirror tables, CNC drawing machines, 3D printed robotic hands, vacuum robots, voice-controlled robots, automated smart homes, computer vision ball tracking robots and many more. 2020 Summer Program Info Location:Gateway High School  1430 Scott St. San Francisco, CA 94115

Dates: 6 Weeks from 6/22/20-7/31/20 (weekdays, except 7/4)

Times: morning (8:30a-1:00p) OR afternoon (12:30p - 5:00p)

Class size: ~10-14 students per class, with ~1:3 instructor to student ratio

Deliverables: Keep everything you build along with personal videos and website portfolio hosted by BlueStamp.

Guest Speakers: Students will hear from field engineers and start-up entrepreneurs from companies such as Apple, Google, Tesla, SpaceX, etc.

Showcase Your Work to Colleges: BlueStamp staff helps students succeed with recommendation letters, referrals, professional introductions, and advice on how to go further with their interest in technology, even after the program ends.

Tuition: $3,900 for the full 6-week program including parts. Need-based financial aid is available

Just looking for an intro? BSE offers alternate program lengths from 2-5 weeks. Reach out to learn more!

Positive accolades: Students have been featured on cable tv and national news outlets. The program founders were invited to discuss BlueStamp at TedX, Podcast: “You Can’t Make Money Taking Tests”, and Engineering Commons.

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