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BlueStamp Engineering - Apply Now!

BlueStamp Engineering

is a project-based summer engineering program that provides hands-on experience for high school students. BSE offers a six-week in-person program in San Jose, CA, and a dynamic REMOTE program (multiple three-week sessions) that can be taken anywhere in the world.

Our program provides a STEM summer camp option for students, which elevates their college and professional readiness.

How does our program benefit students?

Our program exposes students to Engineering principles, which allows them to connect the theory they’ve gained in school and apply it in our hands-on program.

Additionally, students:

~ Complete an Engineering project from start to finish on their own. ~ Learn important problem-solving and critical thinking skills similar to those required in Engineering.

~ Work relentlessly to meet the deliverables for the program: i.e. Online Portfolio, Milestones, Videos, Schematics (if applicable), Bill of Materials, and Code (if applicable).

~ Present their completed project in class.

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