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Bridging Generations - High School Asian American Summer Program

In 2011, Asian Health Services Dr. Sue Chan and Intern Kristine Nguyen started the Bridging Generations program as a space for youth to better understand their identities and connect with elders in the community. The mission and values of the program are just as relevant now amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, Anti-Asian sentiments, and impacts on the elderly community. Bridging Generations offers 6-8 weeks of workshops and projects that enhance the leadership, advocacy, and community building skills of high school aged youth. We are currently looking for two college-aged and above co-coordinators to lead the program in its 10th year this summer. If you know anyone interested in applying, please encourage them to apply by sending their resumes and cover letters to me at by April 23. If you know any youth interested in participating, please have them register at: Coordinators and youth will be compensated.

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