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Call for Tenth Graders to Apply to New Youth-driven, Two-way Entrepreneurial-diplomatic Exchange Pro

My name is Seth Talyansky, and I am a freshman at Stanford University and co-founder of Global Youth Entrepreneurs, a not-for-profit, student-led organization promoting global youth entrepreneurship and collaboration. My team and I are pleased to invite your school's tenth grade students to apply to our Trustees of Tomorrow Silicon Valley – Ukraine Youth Entrepreneurial Exchange Program.

Trustees of Tomorrow is a cyclical, two-way, youth-driven exchange initiative for high school students in the United States and Eurasian countries, beginning with Ukraine. It will open with an exchange in early April that will see three Ukrainian students from different cities travel to Silicon Valley for ten days to collaborate with three local hosting peers on an original entrepreneurial project that seeks to bridge the cultural divides between their two countries. The hosts will also organize a networking reception with the local Ukrainian diaspora as well as a three-day community-wide entrepreneurship and diplomacy boot camp that will bring their guests together with high school students across the area and seasoned entrepreneurs, diplomats, and professionals from a variety of other fields as mentors. The group will receive support from the Ukrainian Emerging Leaders Program at Stanford University’s Center on Democracy, Development, and the Rule of Law (CDDRL), Nova Ukraine (a foundation promoting Ukrainian democratic development), and an array of other cooperating local actors. Six months of periodic long-distance joint work will follow this exchange, before the three Silicon Valley students will travel to Ukraine for two weeks in late December to join their Ukrainian friends in pitching their project to state and private investors in Ukraine, visiting in the process all three of the Ukrainians’ cities of origin and in each organizing a community youth diplomacy-entrepreneurship workshop.

We encourage your students to apply to be on the team of U.S. participants who will first host their Ukrainian counterparts in Silicon Valley this spring, and then visit Ukraine in December. The dates of the spring exchange are March 28 to April 7, and the winter exchange will take place over 2020-21 winter break. If a student from your school is selected, then your school will be recognized in our program, with your consent. We ask that you kindly inform your students of this opportunity by disseminating to them the link to our program page, which contains an overview of the program and a button directing to the application form:

The application period ends at the end of this month.

We hope that your students will consider applying. Please do not hesitate to contact me with questions. Thank you in advance for your time, and I look forward to your response.



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