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CISV San Francisco [Leadership!] Village Junior Counselor

CISV educates and inspires action for a more just and peaceful world.

At 16 or 17 years of age, Junior Counselors are able to relate to both children and the adults and to act as a link between them during a CISV Village. JCs participate in leaders’ meetings and lead activities, just like any delegation leader would participate.

The JCs also have the ability to serve as the bridge between the delegates and the adults. All the children need to feel liked and loved by the JCs, who appear like older sisters and brothers.

Many CISV leadership positions are gender specific because CISV aims to keep a balance of genders in each program. When chapters receive invitations to various programs, the gender of the leadership position is predetermined.

A Junior Counselor must be 16 or 17 for the full length of the program.

Being a Junior Counselor is a position of responsibility

A Junior Counselor goes through the same National Leader Training as all adult program leaders and staff do. The JC position requires maturity, responsibility, commitment and hard work. It may also be one of the most meaning experiences of your life. To learn more about what being a JC, read about What to expect as a Junior Counselor.

The camp is in Detroit from June 24 to July 21, but the delegates or campers you would be working with will all be 11 years old from

12 different countries around the world, and you would be working with other JCs and adult leaders from lots of countries as well.

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