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Community Art - Call for Submissions

Mission Housing Development Corporation (MHDC) in partnership with The Related Companies of California (TRCC) invites qualified artists residing in the State of California, with a preference for local Bay Area artists, to submit their qualifications for the commissioning of artworks for Balboa Park Upper Yard (the Project), a residential development adjacent to the Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) Balboa Park Station (Balboa Park BART), west of the intersection of San Jose Avenue and Geneva Avenue. The Project will provide 131 new affordable housing units for families and approximately 10,000 square-feet of community serving commercial space. Due to the location of the Project (within the San Francisco Planning Code District C-3) and because there is a ground lease from the City’s Mayor’s Office of Housing and Community Development,

MHDC/TRCC (Project Team) is required to provide art equal to 1% of that portion of the Project’s construction cost to be paid for with public funding from the City of San Francisco (City). The art will be installed and maintained in areas within the Project site that are clearly visible to the public.

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