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Compass Family Services - Volunteer

Compass Family Services has been serving vulnerable San Franciscans for over 100 years. These days, Compass is the largest provider of services to homeless families in the city, serving more than 6,000 children and parents each year with a full range of services from shelter and housing to childcare and mental health services. The current COVID-19 pandemic has made the already incredible difficulties of being homeless significantly worse. All of the families Compass serves, from those who are unsheltered on the street to those who have been stably housed for a few years, are worse off today than they were six months ago. Compass is working hard to keep families stable and healthy throughout this crisis and help them continue to move into greater stability and family well-being. That is a huge challenge right now. The need is immense. Compass has put in place a number of programs and supports to aid families through the crisis, but they need resources in order to continue this important work. Below are a few of Compass' current needs. If you can help, please do!

Compass Family Services Priority Needs:

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