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COVID-19 Relief - SF Bay Area LGBTQ Community Needs Signup

Dear community, We are facing an unprecedented moment, and we know that there's a lot of uncertainty. Many people have lost jobs or income. Some of you may be supporting a loved one who is in need of food or supplies, and we know that there are many of you that can’t leave your home to get your needs meet. That is why we are coming together. Our community has always come together to support each other through tough times. We have done it through the HIV/AIDS movement, we do it through anti-LGBTQ campaigns, and we support each other every day. That is why we are resilient. We are stronger when we are together. The Bay Area’s LGBTQ organizations are working together to mobilize resources for our communities. We can’t wait for the systems to come online to support our urgent needs. Do you need any of the following?

  • Medications picked up and delivered

  • Basic household items and groceries dropped off

  • Cash relief

  • Wellness and peer support (video conferences, calls, or virtual groups)

If you are looking for support please complete this signup form. Please note that time sensitive needs will be assessed and responded to as soon as possible. If you need resources NOW, see this community resource list that gives up-to-date information on what LGBT specific and city-wide resources are available. Don’t wait to reach out to them. Please share with your with your friends and networks. Thank you, Office of Transgender Initiatives and SF LGBTQ Community Organizations LGBTQ Resources List - Service updates

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