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Disrupting Hate: Understanding Racism and Antisemitism

An invitation from Lick-Wilmerding’s French 4 Honors PPP class to Confront Hate and begin Peacebulding on School Campuses

Please join this important event, open to all, organized by The Farkas Center, Lick-Wilmerding’s French 4 Honors PPP Class and other Bay Area high schools, USF’s Institute for Nonviolence and Social Justice, and Story for All

To reinforce Lick Wilmerding’s motto - “private school with a public purpose,” our French 4 Honors PPP class has been quite busy. We kicked off the new semester with a comprehensive examination of antisemitism prior to and throughout World War II, as well as modern steps we can take to combat the issue today. We cooperated with the Bay Area’s Farkas Center, listening to and interviewing a Holocaust survivor, Paul Schwartzbart. He sat with the class and shared his story in French, opening up about his trials and tribulations in relation to antisemitism. To pay homage to his generosity, we each produced a charcoal drawing based on his portrait.

The conclusion of this unit has served as a useful transition into our next topic, racism. We are examining the concept broadly, dissecting its manifestations, effects, and manners in which to fight it. Our studies this semester will culminate in an event we are planning with the Farkas Center on May 1, from 1-4 pm on Zoom: Courage and Spirit: Disrupt Hate.

Please check out our bulletin board space on the second floor (on both sides of Bio Lab 2, across from the Theater) to see photos and a narration of Paul Schwarzbart’s story in French and English, our translation of his biography, our charcoal drawings, and a flyer about the May 1 event.

Part of the program on May 1 will be to hear the firsthand testimony of another child survivor of the Holocaust, Anita Frank.

Please register for this event and receive the Zoom link for May 1 at

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