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Doctors on Board Program and Community Health Internship

This program is a great opportunity for African American/Black, Native/Indigenous American Indian, Hispanic/Latino, Samoan, Tongan underrepresented minority (URM) students who want to become medical doctors. It will allow them to gain insight into what it takes to become a doctor. Students will be able to learn about college prep resources, attend mock clinics, hear from medical doctors and medical students and so much more! This is a free virtual program with one in person session.

I had the opportunity to attend this program last year and I felt like I struck gold after participating because I learned so much from everyone participating in the program.

The program will be held on weekends from April 19th to May 14th. The application deadline is Friday, March 25th at 5PM PST

More information can also be found at

Additionally, if you have any questions or would like to chat more about this opportunity, please let me know. We can arrange a call or feel free to contact me via call/text at 951-202-4733 or through email at

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