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Engineers Week - BIPOC Communities

Dear POCIS Educators & Board Members,

Thank you for your interest in Engineers Week and joining the effort to help us diversify this very important field of study. As promised, we have put together a video of local engineering professionals sharing their personal stories about a career in Architecture & Engineering.

It is our sincere hope that you find time to share this with your students. We all want the future of the engineering industry to reflect the BIPOC communities it serves, and that begins with inspiring young minds today.

Below you will find links to our E-Week Video along with ideas for STEM activities that you and your students can enjoy.

E-Week Video:

Ideas and instructions for STEM activities:

How to talk to kids about engineering:

Please pass this along to fellow educators, parents, and students. Let’s make this go viral, and let’s build the engineering talent pipeline now.


ACEC CA Bay Bridge Chapter

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