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External Communications Executive of Youth Helping Youth San Francisco

We are a student-led, non-profit organization that promotes opportunities for youth in the Bay Area. Through social media, word of mouth, connections with local community centers, partnerships with organizations, we connect our rapidly-increasing audience with opportunities to enhance leadership skills, discover passions, apply for jobs and volunteer positions, gain real-life experience, find mentorship, and network with like-minded people (essentially what we do is share a bunch of youth opportunities: volunteering, internships, competitions, scholarships, mentor programs, resources, etc).

Our upcoming Career Panel Webinar is an event organized to help students explore their interests and what a future in a career might be like. We have many accomplished speakers lined up to talk about careers in the fields of medicine, engineering, law, and business. Our webinar will be taking place on Saturday, March 13th with two sessions: 2-3pm and 4-5pm. Here is additional information linked on our Instagram (@yhysanfrancisco), where you can find more details about our speakers. Registration for the event will be completely free through this eventbrite link. An event infographic is also attached below.

Some of our other resources include:

-Main platform we share our opportunities is on Instagram (@yhysanfrancisco)

-YHY SF newsletter (sign up here)

-YHY Global Opportunity Hub (discord server here)

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