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Fall Semester 2021 of Global Citizen Year Academy

At Global Citizen Year, we just opened recruitment for Fall Semester 2021 of Global Citizen Year Academy.

  • A study by Harvard University researchers shows Academy graduates are happier, have a greater global perspective and are more prepared for college than before the program.

  • 88% of students feel more prepared to create a meaningful life through gaining concrete leadership skills in public speaking, asset-based community development, conducting root cause analysis, writing a project proposal, and pitching their ideas

  • Our class represents 80+ countries and brings an even greater number of diverse perspectives.

  • Our speaker series features impactful leaders like Melinda Gates, DeRay McKesson, and Jay Shetty!

  • Shawn Mendes has pledged $25K in WonderGrants to our alumni to help fund their ideas for positive impact.

In our Digital Engagement Toolkit you will find language and images you can share with specific audiences (students, educators, general public) across many different platforms (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Newsletters, etc).

Our application is now open to young people ages 17-21 and we will be reviewing applications as they come in with the final deadline on July 23. .

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