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Feed Your Soul Pop UP Event - June 10th 12pm - 3:30 pm

Feed Your Soul Pop Up

This special curated event brings together business owners, farmers, chefs, and community members who are passionate about food and food justice.

This event asks you to reimagine your relationship with food and invites you to consider engaging with food as a form of self-care and medicine that can help you create a deeper understanding and connection with your inner self.

Feed Your Soul Pop Up will have speakers, tastings, & much more!

We are excited to have you join us for this fun & exploratory event!

~ Go ahead and reserve your spot~

Registration Link:

Featured Speakers:

RUDY JIMENEZ | Farmer/Owner of Green Thumb Farms

Growing up in Salinas, Rudy was inspired by his father Rodolfo, who had been working on a conventional farm for 30 years. Rudy turned the wealth of experience from his dad and his entrepreneurship skills and funded Green Thumb Farms in 2015.

Rudy made a decision to stay in agriculture, but to do it in a way that aligns with his values. He now runs Green Thumb Farms, a four-acre farm in San Juan Bautista.

In addition Rudy gives back to his community by offering wellness and health educational workshops via Urban Arts Collaborative where Healthy food is the medium and the message, integrate nutrition and wellness education, trips to his farm, and special workshops in creating living food mandalas to teach both care for self and stewardship of the land serving youth ages 13 to 24, formerly incarcerated youth, migrant youth, and parents, promote healthy eating habits, lift up food production and preparation as a form of artistic expression, and develop advocacy for environmental, economic, and social justice.

Chris Renfro | Co-founder, 280 Project (a non-profit based in San Francisco, CA)

In 2019, Chris Renfro co-founded the 280 Project, with his partner, Jannea Tschirch located at Alemany Farms, one of the largest community gardens in San Francisco which has San Francisco’s only urban vineyard, nestled between 101/280 freeways, Alemany apartments, and the Bayview and affluent Bernal Heights neighborhoods in San Francisco. While living in some of the nicest neighborhoods in the city as a Black man and Chris’s experience working in fine dining hospitality positions in San Francisco, it was very hard to ignore the issues of inequality around my passions and how these issues affected people of color living in the community.

Chris is the vineyard manager at Alemany Farms. A paid viticulture apprenticeship program is managed jointly between him and Rita Manzana, 280 Project's program director, (in partnership with Alemany Farms, UC Davis, and award-winning winemaker, Steve Matthiasson) to teach BIPOC individuals about viticulture, connecting local communities to farming as a way to combat food insecurity as well as using viticulture education and field training as a way to close the diversity and equity gap and provide more access for BIPOC communities to career opportunities in the wine industry.

Tastings & Food Education

Sabrina Balera | Community Well Resident Chef & Food As Medicine Practitioner

Sabrina Belara grew up in a multicultural home and community. Her cocinera style and flavor reflects the rich and diverse cultural food traditions foundational to some of the diasporas in the Bay Area. Integral to her calling to the kitchen is the belief that food is medicine, ingredients are best sourced locally, and most delicious seasonally. She believes we should consume mindfully and reciprocate gratitude through action. It’s important to meet people where they are with their relationship to food so they can start and continue their personal healing journey by eating good to feel good. Sabrina values directly supporting farmers by shopping at farmers markets to build relationships with the people who care for the land and grow our food. As a high school teacher with culinary experience, she integrates cooking to build community, empower youth, and ignite curiosity. Sabrina offers cooking classes through Community Well and at Downtown High School; private cooking classes; menu planning and consultations for people looking for healthier, time efficient recipes; and strategies to maximize spending and flavor.

Bernadette Aguirre | Herbalist & Founder of

As a lifelong city-dweller, Bernadette grew up eating herbs and vegetables growing in a modest garden that was mainly tended by her mother. Both of her parents were raised on farms in the Philippines, amidst hovering mango trees, moringa bushes, and in between the moist air of the rice paddies. It's no wonder that plants' nourishing powers have always found a home in her medicine cabinet or boiling on the stove.

As an herbal practitioner, her approach is to picture a bird's eye view of her client's external environment and gently hone in on how they may be feeling from the inside, out. This framework is centered around Energetic Herbalism, which matches the attributes and spirit of herbs to the state of a person's mind and body. She is currently based in San Francisco on Ohlone land.

Masayakape | Pinay - Owned Coffee Cart Bringing Kapwa Together over Specialty Kapé

Be well,


Jennifer Navarro-Marroquin Co-Founder & Program Lead

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