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Global Virtual Program for High Schoolers

TKS is a 10-month global innovation program for teens ages 13-17. The program is designed to accelerate your trajectory and help you make a dent in the universe.

TKS alumni have gone on to become the youngest employees at SpaceX, NASA, Google, Microsoft and OpenAi. They’ve started venture-backed companies (raising over $80M) and spoken on some of the world’s largest stages.

By the end of the 10-month program, you’ll:

  • Have a good understanding of emerging technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Quantum Computing, Nanotech, Genomics & Blockchain

  • Gain real-world experience by working with organizations like Google, Airbnb, the United Nations, IKEA and Microsoft on some of their most pressing issues

  • Develop a portfolio of projects and thought leadership including Master's/PhD level projects in less than a year (no prior experience required, this is what TKS is about!)

  • Learn the mindsets, confidence, and problem-solving abilities you'll need to tackle the world's toughest problems

  • Be mentored by professionals from McKinsey, Uber, Apple, Stanford, Harvard & more

  • Build a community of like-minded friends

  • Have the chance to EARN opportunities like speaking on global stages, internships, scholarships, & start-up funding ($100K-$5M)

TKS looks for curiosity, drive and willingness to put in the work. They don't look at grades, and there’s no prerequisite to apply. There’s also up to 100% tuition support provided by financial aid so don’t let cost or grades hold you back from changing your future!

Apply now for the Global Virtual Program.

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