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Greening & Neighborhood Pride District 11 [Volunteer]

Join San Francisco Public Works for a day of greening and neighborhood pride in District 11 (Balboa Park, Excelsior, Cayuga Terrace, Visitacion Valley, Outer Mission, Oceanview, Ingleside, and more). There will be 8-12 worksites where volunteers will garden, mulch, pick up litter, or abate graffiti. The projects and tasks will be different, depending on the site and community group's requests. If you have a child in your group or preferred activity, email

What to Expect

  • The event kicks off at Balboa High School with registration between 8:30 AM and 9 AM.

  • We’ll hold a short speaking program to go over the day’s activities and get a quick safety overview.

  • Volunteers and Public Works staff then will head to their assigned work sites.

  • Work will take place for about 3 hours, with every

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