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High School Student Opportunity: Connect with Elderly

SAMP is a silicon valley non-profit organization that aims to spread and encourage unity by giving back to communities through various acts of kindness. We are a group of aspiring high school students who believe that maintaining SAMP, which means unity in Gujarati (an Indian language), during unprecedented times is crucial. We believe it is necessary to put aside our differences and face problems as one because we are stronger together. Our most recent work, Project Connect, involves connecting high school students with the elderly in our community. We want to organize online sessions where high school students lead the seniors in various activities like meditation, games, technology tutorials, etc. Along with this, the students can receive community service hours. We would greatly appreciate it if you could forward this opportunity to your students! They can sign up at

We will also be hosting online sessions where we invite professionals, college students, etc. pursuing various careers to talk to high school students about their field. The students can ask questions and through this program, they can clear any confusion or concerns they might have regarding a specific career.

More info here:  

Instagram: @samp.official

Facebook: @hashtagsamp

Thank you,

Ashley Magana

Social Representative for Advertising & Media

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