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High School Voter Education Weeks (April 19–30, 2021)

Civic education should be an ongoing learning experience. It is important to ensure that

our students are learning to become active and engaged participants in our democracy.

It is never too early to motivate our students to get involved. We encourage your school

to participate in High School Voter Education Weeks on April 19–30, 2021, to put our

students on the path to a lifetime of civic engagement and voting.

There are many ways that your students can safely participate regardless of their

school’s current learning model (distance learning, hybrid, in-person, etc.). It is easier now than ever to get sixteen- and seventeen-year-olds civically engaged through pre-

registration. Once pre-registered, they will automatically become active voters on their

eighteenth birthday.

Pre-registration for sixteen- and seventeen-year-olds has been a huge success

in California, with over 650,000 pre-registrations since the program launched in

September 2016.

The Secretary of State’s office can provide resources, and county elections officials

can serve as partners to make it easy for schools to participate.

Here are some ideas and online resources to help you:

• To learn more about pre-registration in California, please visit:


• Encourage eligible students to visit to register or

pre-register to vote. Include the link in online communication with parents

and on the school website.

• Urge administrators, students, and parents to visit the Secretary of State’s High

March 30, 2021

Page 2

School and Youth Initiatives web page portal, which includes important

information about voter registration and pre-registration, the Student Mock

Election, the Student Poll Worker program, and High School Voter Education


• Review the High School Voter Education Weeks section of the web portal, which

provides an opportunity for high schools and students to partner with county

elections officials to promote civic education and foster an environment that

cultivates lifelong voters and active citizens.

By working together, we can educate and encourage our young citizens to register to

vote and turn out at the polls to ensure their voices are heard in 2022 and beyond.

If you have any questions about High School Voter Education Weeks or other civic

engagement opportunities, please feel free to contact Paige Kent, Associate

Governmental Program Analyst, Elections Division, California Secretary of State, at, or Pete Callas, Education Administrator, High School Innovations

and Initiatives Office, California Department of Education, at 916-319-0669 or


Shirley N. Weber, PhD

California Secretary of State

Tony Thurmond

State Superintendent of Public Instruction

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