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iResearch Institute (iRI) Research techniques presentation skills, paper writing skills, and more!

iResearch Institute (iRI) ( operating through a virtual platform for summer 2020.  Full scholarships are available!! Please share our program with your peers/colleagues!!

I know many students have lost summer research positions due to Covid-19, therefore, running iResearch Institute virtually seemed like a great fit for 1. high school students interested in research - now able to complete a virtual research study and 2. undergraduate mentors from Columbia University, MIT, Washington University and other elite institutions as they serve as a virtual laboratory "Principal Investigator".  

I have been coined the "god-mother" of Science Research. 

I am a principal subject and the only educator in the National Geographic documentary "Science Fair". My students annually win the most prestigious competitions, such as Regeneron STS (she has had over 74 scholars/semifinalists and 14 finalists in the last 10 years), Regeneron's International Science & Engineering Fair (ISEF; on average Jericho High School sends 5+ students annually) and others.

In one year, my class of 12 seniors produced 6 Intel ISEF finalists, 2 ISEF finalists were named 1st Place Grand Award winners, 9 students became Regeneron STS Scholars (top 300 nationally), 2 became Regeneron STS finalists (top 40 nationally), and during this same year, my students earned acceptance into the following universities - MIT (5 students), Stanford (4 students), Columbia (3 students),  Harvard, Yale, and Princeton (respectively, having 1 student accepted).

Please see below for a detailed description of iRI Virtual, and visit for more information.

My program at the iResearch Institute (iRI) supports learning in the following ways:

1. Research techniques (presentation skills, paper writing skills, and orator skills) course guided by me, Dr. Serena McCalla:  I will train and support all students learning of coursework in the iResearch Institute (

2. A research methods/data science Bootcamp: Students will learn the skills to complete research projects under the guidance of mentors and review basic computer programming needed for data analysis.

3. Guided research projects: Students will have the opportunity to conduct a research project in a scientific field of interest. iRI will help match students to scientific literature, online datasets, and initial research problems in a field they are interested in.     

Please share this email with any students or parents who may be interested. 

Additionally, if you have any questions, please contact us at

Thank you and remain well. 

S. McCalla, Ph. D iResearch Institute, the Premier Science Research Program

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