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Join the Junior Economics Club | Recruiting Board Members

Are you a driven high school student in San Francisco curious about topics such as business and finance? If this is you, keep reading. We are forming a Junior Economics Club in the beautiful city of San Francisco. The JEC is a student-run non-profit that aims to immerse high school students in economics, finance, and entrepreneurship. The JEC is a great way to make connections in the business world at a young age. This club offers internships, connections, and much more. We are looking for hard-working high school students that are willing to dedicate time to making JEC SF successful. Currently, we are offering board positions for the club. The board requires motivated individuals who want to learn more about economics and entrepreneurship. The team would plan and host forums that consist of keynote speakers, such as successful CEOs and CFO's. The club is not affiliated with a specific school and we are looking to expand. If you would like to apply to be a board member, fill out the application linked below and email about your interest! If you would like to just join the club as a member, email and we will be in touch with you. Visit the JEC website for more insight on what is to come! 

Board Application

JEC Website 

Best Regards, 

Junior Economic Club San Francisco

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