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Latino Conservation Week [July 16 - July 24]

Latino Conservation Week: Disfrutando y Conservando Nuestra Tierra is an initiative of Hispanic Access Foundation (HAF). Latino Conservation Week was created to support the Latino community getting into the outdoors and participating in activities to protect our natural resources.

During this week, community, non-profit, faith-based, and government organizations and agencies hold events throughout the country. From hiking and camping to community roundtables and film screenings, these activities promote conservation efforts in their community, and provide an opportunity for Latinos to show their support for permanently protecting our land, water, and air.

There has been tremendous growth in activities since Latino Conservation Week launched in 2014:

  • First year (2014): 9 events

  • Sixth year (2019): 160+ events

Latino Conservation Week has also resulted in broader coverage of the Latino role in conservation in both English and Spanish media. It’s led to recognition from local, state and national elected officials of the important role Latinos play as stewards. Latino Conservation Week has emphasized the Latino community’s passion for the outdoors.

Events can take any shape. It could be a private event for members of a congregation. It could be a community-wide public event at a nearby National Park or Wildlife Refuge. It could be a screening of the new film “Milk & Honey” with a discussion on the importance of the Colorado River.

By participating in Latino Conservation Week, your organization will be joining Latinos across the nation to support the protection of our natural resources.

If you have questions about LCW, want to discuss an event or need help posting your event, please contact the Hispanic Access Foundation team at

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