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Liberation, Memory, and the Healing of Historical Trauma

I am writing to you to see if you might know of a student who might like to have a brief but significant role in the program by participating - with students from several other Bay Area high schools - in a poetry reading. The poem is:

IN LAK’ECH Tú eres mi otro yo. You are my other me. Si te hago daño a ti, If I do harm to you, Me hago daño a mi mismo. I do harm to myself. Si te amo y respeto, If I love and respect you, Me amo y respeto yo. I love and respect myself. Its history is explained in the study guide that is accompanying the program: IHRD Farkas Presentation We have translated the poem into Kinyarwandan ( the language of Rwanda) and Yiddish and I am wondering if you might know a student who would like to read the Kinyarwandan translation. Its not easy but I am working on getting a recording of it for the student to practice with - unless you have a Rwandan student?

Interested in helping with poetry reading?

Email with the subject line "Poetry Reading"

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