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List of Teen Opportunities [March]

Tiny Home, Big Impact: Help Build a Tiny House Village for Unhoused Youth

Sunday, March 14

9:30 am – 12:30 pm

In person on site in East Oakland

Roll up your sleeves, pick up a tool and let’s get to work! The Tiny House Village for Bay Area youth facing homelessness is a project by Youth Spirit Artworks, who we are thrilled to partner with for this event. Join teens from around the Bay by volunteering and bringing your whole self to make a powerful impact!

Treat Yo’Self: Collecting your favorite comfort foods for families in need

Tuesday, March 9

7 - 8 pm

On Zoom

Come learn about how food insecurity impacts the way people think about food, and the difference between food for survival vs. food for oneg (Hebrew for pleasure). We invite you to enjoy your favorite treats together at this event, and also share with families in need by buying a few extra bags of those “favorite chips” to donate to our food drive.

A Semi-sweet Chocolate Seder: A Chocolate Journey from Slavery to Freedom

Saturday, March 13

8 – 9:30 pm

On Zoom

Join Impact Year teens across the Bay Area for a tasty adventure through the Passover Haggadah and the story of Exodus. We will explore contemporary plagues of modern slavery, un-ethical farming practices, and child labor. Learn how we can help end these practices while celebrating together with chocolate treats!

Sharing Poetry with Seniors: Teens and Seniors Gathering for Connection

April date TBA

On Zoom

Join a multi-generational gathering of teens and seniors from San Francisco, and share a poem or short story (original or not) around the chosen theme. Let’s use spoken word to make our community feel more connected, especially our elders.

Re-Imagining Juvenile Justice: Understanding Changes in Youth Crime in SF Through Testimony & Discussion

April date TBA

On Zoom

In this critical online event, teens will hear first-hand testimony of the juvenile justice system in San Francisco which is currently undergoing revolutionary change. Together we will imagine a new future for youth at risk, as well as cultivate better understanding and take action on this highly complex, racial and systemic issue.

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