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Mentorship Program |SF Public Works

We, San Francisco Public Works is rolling out our high school mentorship program this fall and accepting applications now. It is a couple hours a month during school hours because it coincides with our business hours. Hopefully, through support from San Francisco Public high schools, students can miss a bit of school, a couple hours out the month in order to be mentored by an array of skilled employees ranging from: engineers, carpenters, plumbers, electricians, administrators, architects, arborist and many more city workers employed with Public Works.  

The main goal is to expose San Francisco inner city youth to career opportunities the city has to offer. Also, our goal is to motivate San Francisco inner city youth to either continuation their education through college or consider trade and apprenticeship programs in order to assist them in entering the job market after high school or college.

At the moment this opportunity to solely available to high school juniors and seniors in San Francisco public schools. There is also stipend involved as well. 

Those who do well and end up enrolling college, even a local junior college, can then apply for our college internship program in the future and automatically get an interview and hopefully hired. If anything this will help them with learning the process that includes basic interviewing and resume skill building.

Below is a link to the application.

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