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Municipal Election: Looking for High School Poll Workers

With the Consolidated Municipal Election scheduled to occur this fall, continued participation from you and your students is vital to the election process. Therefore we are seeking students who are age 16 and over to participate in the upcoming November 5, 2019 Municipal Election.


Working as a High School Poll Worker is a great opportunity to learn about the democratic process while serving your community and earning money. The students will be given the opportunity for hands-on experience in learning how elections are conducted and they gain a lifelong appreciation for the democratic process. 

Students may be eligible to receive community service credit and all students who participate will earn up to $200 for one day of service. The department has a great demand for students who are bilingual in Spanish, Chinese, Filipino, Vietnamese or Korean.

Our poll worker recruitment team has developed a short five minute presentation designed to inform the students about the High School Poll Worker program. We would appreciate the opportunity to come speak to your students. Since presentations are so short, we can make multiple presentations during each period, at the beginning or end of class to minimize disruption. We are also happy to visit during an assembly or school wide event to maximize the reach of this information. If needed, we can accommodate your school by mailing or hand delivering a package of material at your request. 


Additional Opportunity:

High School Election Ambassador

In addition to the High School Poll Worker opportunity, the Department seeks your help identifying two students from your school to serve as Election Ambassadors. The High School Election Ambassador Program is during High School Voter Education Weeks, September 16-27. The Ambassador program allows students to imagine, design, and conduct their very own outreach event to help San Francisco student’s pre-register to vote as well as recruit student poll workers on their school campus. Share this application with students you feel would make a good Election Ambassador.

Application for this program is due Friday September 6, 2019.

To ensure your students have enough time to participate in the above programs, we highly suggest scheduling a presentation as soon as possible. Contact the department’s Poll Worker Division at (415)554-4395 or email us at We look forward to your student’s participation!

For more information about the programs please visit our High School Programs page.

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