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[National History Academy] Free College Prep for High School Students


America is hurting right now. As a country, we are fighting racial injustice, a global pandemic, economic crisis, record unemployment, and political division. National History Academy Online (NHAO) is committed to the idea that history is a resource for us – all of us – to understand our own times. Given these extraordinary circumstances, we are committed to being a part of the solution by creating accessible and relevant summer opportunities for teachers and students alike at no cost, beginning July 6. College Prep Program for High School Students. NHAO is offering four one-week programs centered on the Case Method Institute’s “History of American Democracy” curriculum developed by David Moss, professor at Harvard Business School. These weekly cases focus on critical events in our history – the creation of the Constitution, political division leading to Civil War, Martin Luther King’s fight for civil rights and voting rights, and women’s struggle for equal rights in America. Our classes, guest speakers, and virtual site visits allow students to relate these defining events of our history to the serious challenges we face as a country today. High School Students may enroll in our College Prep Program at no cost.

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