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Of the People's (OTP) Student Opportunity

Of the People's (OTP) goal is to become the Yelp for new political candidates. We are non-partisan non-profit but pro-competition to provide voters with as many candidate choices as possible. Our team is volunteers from the tech industry with work experience at Microsoft, Amazon, YouTube, Google, and venture-backed startups.

Of the People is looking for a part-time intern to help us create more candidate profiles, update and enhance existing profiles, and if interested, design and execute social media campaigns to increase adoption of the platform as a Yelp for local candidates.

You will help research new candidates, find info about them via internet research, and then use our internal tools to create and update OTP profiles. We are an all-volunteer team of experienced leaders in the tech industry. This kind of internship will be relevant for students who have an interest in politics and government and/or might want pursue future careers in the tech industry in marketing, partner management, business development, UX design, inside sales, customer support, or product management. It is unpaid but at the end of the internship, we will do a retrospective on lessons learned, skills that were helpful, areas for development, etc. We are also happy to serve as a reference and speak to the quality of your work from the lens of high-performance team expectations.

All the work is virtual and can be conducted so long as you have a laptop with internet access. We do a bi-weekly standup over video conference. Please apply if you are able to spend at least 2-3 hours a week for at least 3 months. Let's make history! Questions?

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