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One Degree COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Resource Guide

At One Degree we always strive to provide comprehensive, updated and accurate community resource information. During the COVID-19 outbreak we maintain that same commitment and are happy to provide this guide as a quick and effective reference to resources you might need during this period.

We will be updating the guide Monday- Friday by 2PM PST with new resources as they become available. Please check back often.

This is a living document and we need your help to make it as comprehensive as possible.

Do you work for an organization that is offering essential services to support the community during this crisis? Do you know of organizations or other resource lists of essential resources being provided in the Bay Area or Los Angeles? 

Please share them with us by completing this form or emailing

Please note that the resources listed on the website ( and apps may be unavailable or have limited availability. If you have urgent resource needs that may be impacted by office closures, please reference this Resource Guide.

You may also email us at (English and Spanish, respond within 1 business day) if you need help beyond this guide. You can also reach us on Live Chat by clicking the yellow box on the bottom right of any page on

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