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One for the World [Graphic Design or Social Media Marketing]

Have a talent for graphic design or social media marketing? One for the World, a nonprofit organization that has raised over 1 million dollars for extremely effective charities, is currently seeking a social media intern and is currently accepting applications.

We’re looking for a high school student to join an exciting and fast-growing team. We want someone who either has experience running a social media account (on Instagram, Twitter, or TikTok) or has a knack for graphic design. Applications are due on 11:59 pm PST on June 6th, but candidates will be interviewed on a rolling basis. Apply here! P.S. The Executive Director of the organization, Jack Lewars, is known to write great letters of recommendation :-)

Looking for a story to write in your school’s newspaper?

One for the World is primarily backed by students and is making tangible progress on the problem of global poverty - we would love to be featured in your school newspaper, to let your classmates know how they can join the fight against extreme poverty. You can read a story on us here for reference, or reach out to me via email ( for next steps in writing a story.

If you’re interested in hosting speaker events with Peter Singer, networking with students from schools like Harvard, Yale, Stanford, and more, consider starting a chapter!

If you’re a senior heading to a school where we don’t have a chapter, please set up a call here.

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