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Open Door Legal (18+ Years Old)

The Legal Operations team is a critical part of Open Door Legal, and the key to ensuring all clients experience high quality service with dignity and respect. This position reports to the Director of Legal Services and Co-Founder.


  • Conduct Client Feedback survey, and analyze and present results

  • Call clients

  • Additional legal operations tasks and projects as assigned


  • Experience level: general/undergrad

  • Interest in pursuing a career in law

Apply online at or email


The Frontline team is a critical part of the administration of Open Door Legal, and the key to ensuring all clients and potential clients get appropriate service in a timely manner. The Frontline team is the first point of contact for all current and prospective clients, and is responsible for connecting our guests to our services.

The Frontline team provides administrative support for the organization and supports internal operations. We expect you to collaborate with the team in identifying creative and efficient solutions for organizing and managing a high-volume, fast-paced workflow. This includes general office management and facilities responsibilities such as managing any requests or concerns regarding the office space or office supplies, handling all incoming mail, and handling package receiving.


  • Assist with brief service intakes and a couple cases.

  • Additional projects such as making a peer performance review system and rolling out a new income verification process.

  • Assist with Vision Zero Displacement initiatives, such as outreach and clinic set up.

  • Looking for someone interested in systems. Not required, but a bonus to speak Spanish, Cantonese, Mandarin, Tagalog, Filipino, or Samoan. Needs to be able to be in-office at least part-time

Apply online at or email


Currently, many of our lower-income, vulnerable community members are Spanish-speakers who need access to legal aid. Many legal papers are not in Spanish, nor can any be submitted in Spanish. To interview them and ask about their experience will bring light to this community's stories and needs as ODL continues to advocate for them. Many of our donors do not understand or have the same experiences as our clients. To represent the stories of monolingual Spanish speakers will give our donors greater insight into the cases we do and why our work of addressing poverty through legal aid is important.


  • Help interview and translate for monolingual Spanish-speaking clients so that we can highlight and elevate the stories in that community to our donors.

  • Assist with social media and story engagement, making sure that our communications are compelling, culturally relevant, and honoring.


  • Experience level: general/undergrad.

  • Spanish proficiency must be high, but does not need to know Spanish legal terminology.

  • Social media proficiency and use is a plus.

Apply online at or email

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