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Pathways to Medicine

MD in the Making Pre-Med Exploration

If you are a science fanatic with insatiable curiosity and a passion for hands-on experiments, Pathways to Medicine’s “MD in the Making” is the extracurricular program for you! Our pre- medical school series offers high school students the opportunity to get in-depth instruction and practice in 5 key medical specialties: Surgery, IV + Injection, Pediatrics, Veterinary Care, and Sports Medicine. You’ll be able to explore your interests in health and science, and practice using the same tools, skills, and tests doctors and nurses use. This program allows students to immerse themselves in the world of healthcare as they master medical techniques and become skilled at treating a patient, from start to finish. In this course, students will learn the complex process of diagnosing illness/injury, documenting their work using patient charts, working collaboratively as a part of a healthcare team, developing comprehensive treatment plans, and treating real-life medical cases. We use experiential learning to cultivate each student’s unique potential in medicine and use every opportunity possible to organize medical field trips throughout San Francisco

Fall Semester 2019 Registration opens Thursday 8/29!! Class size: 15 spots

Date + Time: Fridays 9/9-1/17, 415pm-545pm

Location: Lycee Francais Ortega Campus Sign Up:

Contact: Kimble Torres/P: 415.310.5694/E:

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