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Pioneer Research Program

Pioneer Academics is a research institute for high-achieving high school students seeking to conduct accredited research in STEM, social sciences and humanities. It is the only online research program that grants college credit through our partnership with Oberlin College.

Pioneer’s summer term application deadline is April 10, 2022.

If applicants have inquiries about need-based scholarships, they should reach out to before April 24, 2022.

Please note that the program is highly selective, with Pioneer receiving 4,256 applications for 1,178 research positions in 2021. Pioneer is committed to access for all students accepted into the program. I am proud to say that we met 100% of admitted students’ demonstrated financial need, where need could be assessed, in 2021. We recommend you register for an online information session to assess whether the program is a good fit. We’d also be happy to discuss an information session tailored to your school if you feel that’s more appropriate.

Pioneer Academics Admissions Team -

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