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PROGRAM UPDATE: PENN Extends Application Deadline to May 10th!

Dear Friends of Summer Discovery,

Are your students looking for an Ivy League pre-college academic experience? There is still time to apply to Penn’s Summer High School Programs.

This Summer, Penn is offering its authentic Ivy League curriculum to academically talented high school students seeking a pre-collegiate experience virtually. Students will have the opportunity to engage with leading faculty and build intellectual connections while taking challenging courses selected from a variety of disciplines. Penn is widely known for its expertise in medicine, business, and law, and students can immerse themselves in the sciences, research, social justice, mathematics and more through two-, three-, or six-week programs.

Highlights for Summer 2021 include two NEW 3-week academies:

1. American Sign Language and Deaf Culture Academy (online) - July 1-23, 2021 - $4,799

This academy is for students completing 9th, 10th, and 11th grades and provides ASL instruction where students will learn basic conversation and narrative skills. ASL instruction is conducted entirely in ASL and features weekly seminars to discuss experiences and perspectives of the deaf community members through vlogs, lectures, and a panel.

Upon completion of the program, students will be able to share personal information including hometown, language background(s), and interests or hobbies; discuss and describe locations within a building, give directions and explain how one gets from one location to another via public transportation; express wants and needs; ask about marital status, whether they have children or siblings, and the chronological ranking of children and siblings; and use number skills, including how to express collective group numbers, age, and time.

2. Intercultural Communication Academy (online) - July 1-23, 2021 - $4,799 This academy is also for students completing 9th, 10th, and 11th grades and provides students with the foundation for understanding the intricate and complex relationship between language, culture, communicative practices, and identity. Through active learning, students collaborate with their peers in activities that seek to promote nuanced reflection, keen observation, and transformative practices. Based on the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages Can-Do statements, students achieve various investigative and interactive objectives by the end of the course, such as managing non-verbal reactions and personal space while in a crowded environment; explain how stereotypes influence a country’s products or marketing strategies; share interpretations of a piece of art or music with someone else while respecting theirs; respond to a social media post in a culturally appropriate manner; explain how a culture’s concept of time influences decisions in business, education, and social scheduling; explain how globalized products impact society and individual lifestyles; and collaborate in an online project to explain misconceptions underlying stereotypes. For more information about the Penn Summer High School Programs, as well as the application and enrollment processes, please visit the website or contact us. We look forward to welcoming your students to Summer Discovery and the Penn Summer High School Programs.

Best regards, Susan and Halley Susan Kornick, Relationship Manager – Educational Consultants and Advisors at or +1-516-414-5556 Halley Campbell, Relationship Manager – Schools and Associations at or +1-516-414-5524

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