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Project Glimmer [Volunteer!]

About Project Glimmer

At Project Glimmer, it is our mission to inspire every girl to envision and realize her empowered future. We are a national nonprofit organization having served over 700,000 teenage girls and women, 86% of whom are young women of color. Project Glimmer works in all 50 states through partnerships with 1,000+ organizations including foster care, homeless, crisis care, and youth services. Through our programs including Gifts + Goods (which inspire personal confidence) and Empower Hours & Career Coaching (which provide positive role models that inspire girls to achieve success in school, work, life and open up new career pathways), we are dedicated to helping end gender and racial inequality.

About Boxing Joy from Home (remote) Volunteer Opportunity

This spring, we have over 85,000 gift requests from organizations across the country to commemorate Mother's Day and Graduation, and we would welcome your students to support this program via a "Boxing Joy from Home" remote volunteer opportunity! “Boxing Joy” is easy, fun and a great experience for students, friends and family to volunteer from home. Goods including beauty products and jewelry are transformed into meaningful graduation and Mother’s Day gifts that give joy and build confidence. Here's how students can volunteer:

  • Click Here to order their Kit which includes products and wrapping supplies for ~100 gifts

    • Please use code STUDENT for 100% off!

  • Pick-up the Boxing Joy from Home kit from our East Bay warehouse 3/31, 4/1, 4/2 or any Tuesday in April

  • Once students have wrapped the gifts (deadline is 4/30) and put them back into the box, our team will email a UPS slip to send the gifts to our nonprofit partner!

Contact: Jenni Bingham -

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