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Public Health Holiday PSA Video [Volunteer]

A big thank you to all those who participated in our Halloween Kids PSA! Because it was so successful, the JIC would like to make a similar video for the holidays. We are requesting you to film your children (all ages, up to young adults and college age is fine!) so we can get this message out quickly, and to multiple audiences. Please try and record and send videos by Monday, November 23. For this, we have written some sample scripts (bucketed into groups of ideas), but feel free to say something that’s meaningful to your child/family. The key messages are: Our choices matter this year. This year, stay local: shop local, dine local (local takeout), wear a mask, and stay home for the holidays. We will recover if we protect our community. Script here: Please recite ~5-10 lines and upload your videos here: If you don't have time to film, please help us compile a sufficient amount of content by forwarding this email to at least one other parent you know. Please follow all tips below for filming at home. Best practices on filming a PSA on a personal device

Record the video horizontally (landscape). You can use your phone or iPad.

1) Make sure you have plenty of light. You can use a desk lamp/reading lamp to help light your face.

2) Try not to have too many objects in the background that are visually distracting (such as objects that look like they are coming out of your head).

3) Center your head in the top middle of the frame, giving room to show the shoulders as well.

4) Do not wear clothing with a lot of patterns as that can be distracting. (Do wear costumes!)

5) Use something to stabilize your camera, such as a tripod, selfie stick, or leaning your phone against a set of books or a box.

6) Try and look directly at the camera when talking.

7) Make sure you are a in a quiet location when filming.

8) You can stand next to the camera and say the line from the script, then have your child repeat the line looking into the camera.

Thank you, Sarah Peters Activated DSW - Content Unit Team Joint Information Center-COVID Command Center-Moscone South Social Media Specialist | San Francisco International Airport | c: 650-452-9726

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