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Putney Pre-College and Harvard C-CHANGE Educational Resources on Climate, Health, and COVID-19

We’re excited to announce an online series of videos and curriculum resources produced in collaboration with Putney Pre-College.

This (free) five-part series explores the connections between climate change and public health. Meaningful and action-oriented, the content is designed to help teachers and students engage with these issues, particularly in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic. The series is aimed at high school students, but content may easily be adapted for younger age groups. New content will be released to educators each week, beginning April 17.

Each short video addresses a different topic presented by leaders in the fields of climate and public health and is accompanied by supplemental resources such as articles on current events, discussion questions, writing prompts, and group activities. The series is optimized for remote learning and is hosted on Google Classroom, but content can be easily downloaded and shared on other platforms if you prefer.  Below we have included the “Pre-session” PDF and Word document discussing how to engage with the content for teachers to download.

To engage, discuss, or collaborate with other educators around this curriculum, request access to our content on Google Classroom.

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