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Rustic Pathways

  • Virtual Travel Hub:

    • Explore Rustic Pathways' Flightless Travel Resources with everything from virtual tours and language learning to movie and music playlists to help you explore a country even when you can’t travel right now!

  • Virtual Volunteer Opportunities:

    • During these critical times, Rustic Pathways has moved many of our community projects to virtual volunteer initiatives. We maintain long-standing relationships with a broad range of local partners, including community leaders, government agencies, nonprofits, local educators, and more. We fund initiatives addressing issues that communities collectively deem to be the most pressing, and then leverage the support of the global Rustic Pathways community for development and implementation. We appreciate your involvement at any level!

  • Summer Programs:

    • Rustic Pathways is committed to facilitating positive impact through transformative student travel experiences that prioritize meaningful community engagement around the world. Programs are intentionally designed to challenge students to think critically and experience personal growth. Students contribute to community projects with local organizations and partners through projects that align with the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals. We'd love to see you in one of our virtual sessions or nearby travel programs this summer!

  • Youtube:

    • Check out videos from our student alumni, country teams around the world, and community partners for a little more insight into the Rustic Pathways world.

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